About TheQMan.com

Lucian Freud - Self Portrait

Hello Guys!

The Q Man is a digital Magazine which shares with you our love for a Perfect Lifestyle with High Quality Products.

We started the magazine in November 2013 with the goal to express our passion for Mens Products Made with Quality. We write about the Art of the Artisans and their passion for handcrafted work. We pre-select quality products in the fields of Style, Tech, Art & Design which to our opinion are essential for a perfect lifestlye and show it in our Q Products category.

In contrast to existing Men Magazines we report about three kinds of Style: Class, Modern and Rugged. In this way we address the real Men´s Style and forgive us that in this way we will not cover those fancy and un-cool garements and accessories.

We hope you enjoy our selection!

Fred & Tom