Best Shoe Shops in NYC

New York is home to so many boutiques it hard to know where to go to find the particular shop that caters to what you are looking for and also delivers with the quality and style you want. Shoes are no exception and when it comes to luxury shopping for a pair the city definitely is at the top of the fashion world with so much to offer. This makes it quite daunting to know exactly where to go to find geniously designed, quality made mens shoes in New York City. With help from an expert we chose the best four shoe shops in NYC.


A shoe haven in the West Village. Flawless craftsmanship and ultra cool design this place stocks some of the best labels in from around the globe. Oxfords, Derbys, Boots, Loafers, Monk-straps and every extravagant shoe accessory you could need this is truly a store for the show lover. The brands of choice would be Edward Green for savvy details and pointed toes Leffot’s own label for comfy soft leather Loafers or Alden for classics.

Leffot’s Manhattan Store

Brunello Cucinelli

When it comes to modern luxury shopping the Brunello Cucinelli store is something you want to experience. Located on Bleeker Street the brand stays true to it’s namesake with an<span style ascetically lit boutique decorated with philosophical books. The style of the shoes in a fusion of traditional with a sporting touch often using a mixture of both suede and lacquered calfskin. The craftsmanship and quality of the materials is faultless. Their natural look leather driver moccasins with earthy two-tone laces make a great summer walking shoe.

The Armoury

The new branch following their first Hong Kong store which was established in 2010 is located in the chic Tribeca neighbourhood. Their vision to bring out the stories and craftsmanship behind the products they sell can seen in the quality of the items they stock and the care taken when choosing which artisans they will work with. For shoes they have Bowhill & Elliot hand embroidered velvet slippers, a classic English style and brand that is more than 135 in the business.  Carmina has 150 years of shoemaking passed through several generations of shoemakers it still remains a family business. Their line includes classically hand-crafted, Goodyear welted shoes in a variety of leathers. The Armoury also stock Saint Crispins with their crisp leather designs and the more innovate styles of Koji Suzuki shoes.

The Armoury opens its doors in Manhattan

 Alexander McQueen

With its hip location on Madison Avenue the Alexander McQueen Flagship Boutique is always busy and can be a little bit much with the never ending flow of tourists taking pictures, but what else does one expect in the heart of New York City?  His signature dramatic style takes a subtle edge with his shoe collection. Electric blues, buckles and black velvet slippers featuring his now infamous scull motifs. The 3 buckle strap leather boots however mack a perfect staple for a classic boot that is a balanced choice without being too chunky or feminine. The range of sneakers are also stylish and also versatile, they could easily be work with suited pants.

These shops were recommended by Laith Hugo who has  worked as a Hollywood screenwriter rewriting action scripts that were a bit noirish and adapting books for film and Television scripts. He has also traveled the world extensively. Based in NYC Laith lives in a 19th century loft apartment in a former schoolhouse in the Union Square neighbourhood. A lover of all things luxury Laith spends most of him time traversing art galleries in the city and across the globe. For more inside tips on New York take a look at Laith’s Trend Guide. full of cool places to visit from an insider.


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