Hasselblad Stellar and Lunar Collections

Hasselblad Lunar and Stellar

The Swedish brand seems to have developed a taste for luxury models created on the framework of Sony digital cameras. Their newest collections, the Stellar and the Lunar aim to be as outstanding as their celestial names. While the Lunar’s first sightings received mixed opinions, the Stellar seems to get a little more acceptance and praise.

I can understand Hasselblad’s reasoning in creating these models because in an ever-changing photography industry you need to be creative and alternative to keep on top of the game. Sometimes these attempts aren’t as well-received as you’d expect but any experiment is educational in the end. The most appreciated aspect about the Lunar cameras was the amount of work involved in creating each unique piece of machinery. Bearing hand-crafted details in leather or wood, it made every camera feel different. That´s probably the reasons while artists like Roberto and Daniele Cavalli love holding the Leather Hasselblad Lunar in the hands as you can see in a short movie.

After the radical look of the Lunar series, the cameras displaying the Hasselblad Stellar logo are showing more classic lines inherited from the Sony RX100, modified shapes with ergonomic principles in mind and added hand-grips made of carefully selected and crafted wood and even carbon fiber, all for a truly luxurious experience. This camera is far from being understated, with its aluminum case in champagne tones and chrome buttons and controls. The exotic wood finish fixed in metallic screws comes in a variation of models, including Padouk Wood, Zebra Wood, Mahogany, Walnut and Wenge.

While the look won’t make much of a difference with the photographs you take (you can count on Sony’s expertise on those matters), you can rejoice that you have a collection piece worthy of an art gallery. Owning a Hasselblad that was trusted to be the legacy of the first camera to be used in space makes it a special piece to display. If the story is more important than the price tag, get one of these and tell your friends you have a camera like the ones the Apollo mission left on the moon.

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