The mechanical essence of cool: SevenFriday P3


Feeling rugged and adventurous? And looking for a new watch? You should pay some attention to SEVENFRIDAY and their pieces of industrial inspiration. For a brand that is barely half a decade old, the Swiss watchmaker has really managed to capture the imagination of men on the lookout for affordable luxury. And when the watch looks like this, you might not believe that their products place under the $1,500 price tag. Maybe not what you’d call a perk but compared to the big players in the Swiss watchmaking business, it’s spare change from a Rolex purchase. And it’s just as cool, if not more.

“I think design is one of the most underestimated and overlooked components in product creation and I was very interested in focusing more on that than extra features as most people buy things that look good”.

Daniel Neiderer, SEVENFRIDAY founder

Honestly, the aesthetics alone are enough to tempt me, with the whole testosterone-infused industrial theme at play. Just like most of their watches, the narrative of industrial machines and mechanics is reflected in the look of this SEVENFRIDAY P3-1 model. For this particular version, the inspiration was motorized, hinting towards a biker theme in the design of the dial. And the sturdy theme is continued in the build of the watch, with a stainless steel case with black PVD, high-resistant silicone around the dial and hardened antireflective glass covering the mechanism. Tough as nails.


Under the protective shield, there are layers of mat satine with 11 applied parts finished in gun metal, black and a drop of red. Going deeper beyond these, you can find an automatic mechanical movement with an exposed balance wheel (Japanese-made Miyota 82S7) and a special minute hand that is designed as an extension of the mechanical movement, with a shape that resembles a wheel with spokes. It might not be entirely made in Switzerland but it really looks the part.

It’s true that nothing beats the spectacle of a complication made by Jaeger-LeCoultre or Patek Philippe, but the SEVENFRIDAY P3 is definitely show-stopping enough to steal the spotlight from its close market rivals. Actually, the entire Industrial Engines range, that the P3 is part of, shows a similar vintage-shaped but modern-looking attitude, with a diversity of colours and customizations that you rarely get in high end timepieces.


It’s not cheap by any means, but you don’t often get this type of wildness in design at these prices – when it comes to the big luxury brands, the prices that come with a barely-intelligible dial end in at least 4 zeros. You may not want to describe your watch as fashionable but it’s exactly what it is. Wear it at the office or while you change the oil to your car, it can handle both. And it’s the essence of cool. Mechanical cool.

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