Messenger bags to last you through winter


Messenger bags for men are back in style (not that they ever went away from our actual closets) and are no longer aimed at the hipster student scene. Brands like Harmattan and Bleu de Chauffe cut some leather, dipped it in testosterone and ended up selling something pretty cool and office-friendly. Then again, there are different styles for different tastes, so here’s a selection of our favourite messenger bags that are seriously great to look at and with the high-quality to get you through winter. More than one winter.


Leather Messenger Bag

Let’s start with my personal favourite for the office. This Messenger Bag by Danny P. Style is crafted out of Italian leather and equipped with all sorts of storage solutions for a techie. There are special pockets for the laptop, iPad and cables, but more basic needs are also covered with designated loops for a bottle, an umbrella or anything else you might need to store vertically. There’s enough space left for your documents and an easily-accessible outside zipped pocket for thinks like keys. Well-organized, durable and with a pleasant checkered lining – perfect for a classic type. Price: $489.


Justin Plumber Bag

Slightly less rigid and structured but still a classic, this messenger bag from Bleu de Chauffe is a very versatile option – you could wear it at work, while traveling or just out and about. It’s entirely handmade out of natural tanned leather, which gives its rich colour – or should I say colours, since it’s available in expresso (dark brown), tourbe (slightly burgundy brown), pain brulé (light brown), navy and black. It is practical inside too, making use of the zipper-based SNAP concept to modify the interior to your liking. Also, each bag is signed by its artisan, which is always a classy touch. Price: $430.


The Dreamer

Fans of the rugged style, listen up! Harmattan have a cool selection of stuff but The Dream is their most basic and honest piece of work. Built with durability in mind, the bag is made of thick vegetable tanned leather and it comes with a lifetime warranty. If that’s not a strong quality statement, I don’t know what is. As for design, it has a classic messenger shape with two buckles and no lining inside. Instead you can buy individual interior pockets to organize the space to your own preferences. Price (with free shipping worldwide): $320.


Traminot Report Bag

Another beauty by Bleu de Chauffe, this time in a very modern style. I’ll admit it’s on my wish list, mainly because of its design with a daring blast of colour and an interesting texture on the fabric. It’s part of their exclusive line, signed by the artisan and inspired by the jackets of French locomotive drivers. Inside there’s less history and more technology, with an integrated computer pocket. Pretty standard stuff but it’s the design that gets it noticed. Price: $590.


Folio Cross

A little change in style with a chic folio bag. If you’re not one to carry a lot of more or less unnecessary things with you, just throw a few papers and a table in this one and off you go. It’s classic in look but feels very modern for a folio. Handmade in Portugal by Noise Goods, it’s 100% vegetable-tanned full grain leather with wool lining. As for colours, it looks great in classic chocolate, but it’s also available in hazelnut, indigo and black. Price: $229.

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