New Amazon Fire Phone

amazon fire phone

How do you make a smartphone that stands out amidst a sea of competitors with more experience?Jeff Bezos´answer is a smartphone with a built in visual search engine named Firefly which lets you find any article of the big Amazon universe with just one fingertip.

jeff bezos fire phone

Thus Firefly could make the Fire phone the most potent selling tool the company has ever created, and you as a user may not even notice it. Demonstrating a the feature at the firest presentation of the Fire phone Mr. Bezos showed how the device’s camera and sensors can recognize merchandise, signs, music or television shows.

A user, for instance, could point the phone at a pack of gum and then order it. The user also could point the phone at a painting to learn about the artist and other facts, Jeff Bezos.

For sure a gadget having the potential to revolutionize the era of m-commerce like Kindle did it for the e-book market. The Amazon Fire phone starts at $199 with a contract and it’s an AT&T exclusive in the U.S. You can now pre-order it here at Amazons website.


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