Office Style Must-Haves for Men

In a world where many people are quick to form their first impressions based on appearances, the way that you look in the office can have a huge impact.  Whether you are looking to seal an important deal, negotiate terms of a contract, having an interview for that much wanted promotion, meeting new clients, or just generally wanting to stand out and make an impression for the right reasons at work, dressing appropriately and well is vital.

For really important occasions, many men in positions of prestige opt to have a couple of suits tailor made, this ensuring the absolute perfect fit and the style, fabric, and colour to match their exact tastes and preferences.  Nowadays there is also a great section of off the peg and ready to wear suits available, with those to match a wide range of budgets.  To look at your best, consider owning a couple of classic designer suits, such as a top quality, smart, and stylish Giorgio Armani suit.

It is important when men choose a suit that they have an honest opinion of their overall size and body shape.  Different styles are designed to enhance positive features and detract from less flattering aspects, and so aim to help a man really make the most of his appearance.  If you choose a style that is not right for you the effect can be dreadful!  A trained sales assistant will often be able to assist and advise, with expert knowledge of what types of suit look good with different features.  For example, the number of buttons on a suit jacket can be your best friend if you get it right yet your worst enemy if you get it wrong.  Another factor to consider is whether a jacket is single or double breasted.  There are then things like pleats and cuffs to consider, both on jackets and on trousers.


Of course, you shouldn’t neglect the items that you are wearing with your suit – there is no point having a great suit to then ruin the look with a shirt that isn’t quite right.  Invest in a couple of smart shirts, again taking into consideration things like the cuffs and the collar.  It is paramount that if your shirt requires cufflinks that you wear them – without looks really sloppy and can lead to an impression of laziness.  It is often advised that men use their ties to inject personality into an outfit, and that bolder colours and patterns are typically best saved for the tie rather than the shirt.  Of course, this is a matter of preference and the style conventions for the place that you work, but it is worth bearing in mind.

And lastly, you should also think about your footwear – smart clean shoes, with appropriate socks.  You don’t want anybody spotting novelty socks peeking through when you are seated!

Great work wear is such that will look as crisp when you leave the office as it did when you first walked in at the start of the day.  It should be durable, and high quality suits will not snag or bobble easily.  A stylish suit is also perfect for after work drinks – simply removed your jacket and tie, unbutton your collar, and you will transform into smart casual, a great look indeed!

If you want to learn from men with style we recommend to watch these style videos presented my MrPorter and also their what to wear section.

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