The perfect outfit for the winter holidays

As soon as the first snowflake touches the ground, all I can think about is my annual New Year ski trip. Not that the holiday is here, the first thing on my priorities list is packing for the trip. Of course, I reserved a cabin sometime in summer, to make sure my year starts as happily as possible, and gathered my snow-loving friends for another unforgettable holiday.

Winter is always a challenge for a stylish man; as little as one cares for trends, we all want to look good whether we spend the holiday in the city, visiting relatives in the countryside or on top of a white mountain partying with friends. The basic item you’ll need in a snowy freezing wonderland is a quality pair of shoes, to keep you from spending the Christmas dinner in bed with high fever. My favourites this season are Moncler’s suede ankle boots. The flannel inserts and interior padding keep you warm in the most extreme temperatures and the straps can secured tightly to make sure you walk through the snow without any water getting in.

Just as important is a quality jacket, since you’ll spend quite some time outside skiing or watching the fireworks display. Once again, Moncler comes to the rescue with a simple but modern jacket, with large pockets and big buttons that make it easy to open and close even while wearing gloves. And the hood is actually warm and practical, not just for show, like in a lot of other winter coats I’ve owned over the years. But if that’s not enough (or you don’t like how you look with it – let’s face it, even men have that problem sometimes), get a wool and cotton-blend beanie. The green is very cheerful but you can find it in blue or red as well. It’s so snug and warm; your friends will forgive you for the oversized bobble on top of your head.

As cosy as the jacket might be, you never know how cold it is in the cabin so a wool sweater is always an easy choice. Versatile, comfortable and stylish with its natural colours blend and elbow patches. I know slim-fit trousers aren’t the best choice for a snowy escapade but this biker-style pair from Lanvin is surprisingly comfortable and warm.

The small but essential details you need to pack are a scarf and a pair of gloves. A colourful wool scarf in three shades and a fun fringe will brighten your look and the leather gloves with wool lining have small staples that secure them so you can actually use your hands and not just walk around like a penguin trying to make snowballs.

After I carefully pack all of these cosy clothes and wax my skis I’m almost ready to go. Now I just need to buy my girlfriend a dress to make her forget she hates the cold and get myself a present for the time I’ll waste trying to teach her how to ski for the third year running.

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