Rag & Bone FW 2014

In a world where the majority of men don’t bother keeping up with fashion trends and prefer to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, the creators of Rag & Bone hit the jackpot by addressing this specific audience. The philosophy behind the brand has always been that of creating quality durable clothes with a style that the designers themselves would wear.

They call it urban style but it’s a valuable frontrunner for the ever-so-popular rugged style, combining simple designs with proper fabrics to obtain modern pieces that are wearable more than anything else. Marcus Wainwright and David Neville present the perfect arguments that simple doesn’t mean boring, by combining their understated British heritage with a touch of New York’s street style. As they had no training in fashion design, the two harnessed the potential of local factory manufacturers, whose mastery of tailoring skills and attention to details matched their high expectations.

By highlighting quality and functionality, Rag & Bone became in just 14 years since its conception a brand that is recognized around the world by men who care about what they wear and defy, in a way, high fashion runways. More than the name, it’s the craftsmanship and the practicality that sells. Marcus and David make clothing they need and would love to wear; men resonate with that. They also resonate with clean shapes, fine materials and sensible price tags. That might be the reason for which the two designers were awarded some of the highest honours on the industry, being selected as Menswear Designers of the Year by CFDA in 2010.

Rag & Bone Men's FW 2014 Show

Distinctions might not mean much when you’re in a store choosing what to buy but the effortless style and quality crafting sell their products around the world, with many stores in the USA (Washington DC, Boston, LA and 6 New York stores), an impressive European flagship in London and their clothes are even available in South Korea.  Plus, their online store opens their products to more and more markets, so their expansion is only just starting.

But what can you buy? Well, Rag & Bone has just launched their new Fall/Winter 2014 collection and the runway looks offer plenty of inspiration for the modern man. This season’s pieces found their inspiration in ‘50s to 90’s Britain, simplifying the military style and borrowing elements from the working class men’s attire. While the inspiration might be history, you can be sure that your new coat is going to last just as much when it is made out of multi-camo technical fabric from a military wear manufacturer.

Guys don’t wear ‘Fashion.’

… as eloquently as Neville and Wainwright put it. They wear clothes that fit, feel comfortable, look clean and in which they can move properly. This collection has black trousers with matching blazers for the elegant yet casual man, oversized shirt pockets for the practical man, shearling motorcycle jackets for the rebel, with oversized hoodies, knit vests and fingerless gloves for extra comfort. My personal highlights were some intriguing shirts with zippers instead of buttons – those look fun! Plus, give the girl in your life some subtle fashion hints by getting her something from Rag & Bone’s womenswear for Valentine’s.

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