I love my Rolex

And why wouldn’t I? First of all it is arguably the most prestigious high end watch company on the market. So much so that people started using a Rolex’s attributes as a standard to estimate the value other quality watches offered by top brands.

That makes it rather tricky for those brands to compare since from the start you have to fight with the insane resale prices. Most, if not all, Rolex watches hold their value incredibly well, some people even mentioning the resale value in the product description. But before I focus on that, how does the initial value stack up? Well, even the most basic Rolex models come with luxury features like 18k gold, extremely well-built high-grade steel case and a high-quality extra-comfortable bracelet. Even with the significant prestige premium that’s added to the final price, a Rolex still offers a lot to account for its value.


Now that strictly technical affairs are out of the way, I admit I love my Rolex because it’s a piece of art. Like so many luxury watch brands, Rolex creates out of pure (or so I’d like to imagine) creative instinct and passion for precision. I love looking at all the details on the case and the mechanism, however simple it is. You can’t put a price on the pride or the joy that an elegant Rolex gives you.

I guess I formed this romanticized attitude in my head thanks to the image that the brand has been carefully crafting for more than a century now. It gives out an almost subliminal message that owning a Rolex gives you a certain status; there’s a certain wealth expected from you when you wear the famous crown symbol on your wrist and it tells people you are classy and have good taste.

Beyond the emotional side, much of this achievement is dictated by a smart marketing campaign. It’s hard to say if all the celebrity endorsements increased the company’s popularity or it was the power of the brand that attracted highly successful individuals to associate their name with performance watches, but I for one will always remember the commercials from Roger Federer’s glory days. Today, Rolex is the official timekeeper of two major tennis grand slams – Wimbledon and the Australian Open, two golf majors – the Open Championship and the US Open, the FIA Formula 1 championship and the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race. It also sponsors yachting, equestrianism and artistic events, and supports various exploration projects.


To fully appreciate a Rolex there has to be a match in terms of personal standards; these sports and the stars that promote the watches have one giant common purpose with the Rolex brand: the achievement of ultimate high performance. For people like me, who strive to achieve that and profoundly admire the people who are determined enough to make it to the top, these are clever and very appropriate collaborations. I wouldn’t just buy a Rolex because Roger Federer says so, but I might do it because I think we all work by the same principles: performance and class. And I believe that with Rolex high performance and refinement are guranteed.


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