The Rugged Man Style

Rugged Style

As much as women claim they want a clean-cut prince to sweep them off their feet, you only need to look as far as today’s most appreciated movie stars to realize the new trend in men’s style. Now you don’t have to be a lumberjack, live in a log cabin on a mountaintop or fight grizzly bears so you can sport those casual jeans, unshaven beard and adventurous attitude.

The basic premises of this style are utility and comfort. You dress for a reason, wear only clothes fit for the activity you have planned and fabrics that stand the test of time. No frills, no accessories, no nonsense. Clothes are usually inspired by military or hunting wear and workmen’s outfits, made from thick resistant fabrics like tweed, denim or leather. Wool is also a good choice, especially in sweaters or jackets, so you can brave the coldest of temperatures. Give up those perfectly ironed white shirts and replace them with plaid or checkered patterns in earthy colours that don’t stand out so much and you don’t need to worry about wrinkles.

Blue jeans, cargo pants and dark cotton trousers are great choices to suit a rugged style and go well with heavy duty boots and normal shoes in dark colours. Avoid skinny jeans or baggy pants and go for a straight cut pair that fits you well and feels comfortable. As for outwear, again, practicality is the key word. Resistant waterproof coats or even military jackets (without the embellishments though) are a useful and popular choice for this style. Now just add a mechanical or sports watch, depending on your interests and you’re almost done. Do something about the hair but don’t use a lot of product, a shorter cut with slightly messy styling will do.

Why would you want to choose this simple unspectacular style? Well, first of all it exudes a certain power and it makes you think of the times when physical force and courage were required to survive nature’s challenges. Technological advances made it easier for us nowadays but this rugged appearance gives reassurance that we’re still capable of all those things. And preferably, adopting the rugged man style goes hand in hand with those manly activities it promotes and blends in with your lifestyle.

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