The Style of Jared Leto

There’s no place you can go lately without bumping into Jared Leto – he’s everywhere: on cinema screens, concert halls, front row fashion shows or on his way to a stage to pick up some sort of award. And not any sort of award, he’s going for the highest honour of them all, just a few weeks ago bagging that precious golden statue from the Academy Awards.

For an actor that is so much in demand, it’s no surprise that he’s always in the public eye, whether it’s through his movies, his music albums or his dress sense. Oh, his dress sense! For one you can’t say he ever went unnoticed; if it’s a good thing – you be the judge of that. All I’m saying is that his style has gotten a lot of attention from fashion critics and style magazines along the years.


These days it’s a fine line between a well thought-out boho look and a downright hobo vibe, and Jared Leto used to be one of the examples that constantly crossed the line. For that reason exactly, GQ named him the worst dressed man in the world, back in 2011. And with all the improvised skirts, gravity-defying haircuts and see-through tops, you can’t quite contradict them.

Maybe Jared took the hint or maybe his style just grew up and evolved together with his acting skills, but lately he diverted the Fashion Police off his trail and is now one of the most stylish men on the red carpet. From the rebel youth with a pink Mohawk to the Oscar winner in a white Saint Laurent tux and perfectly polished shoes, Jared’s evolution in the fashion department is nothing less than spectacular. Ok, maybe he’s not the classiest guy on the block and you’ll never see him in a shirt and tie on a daily basis but you can’t say he doesn’t try.

Although many may argue that his Oscar look was his best yet, I prefer his impeccable black tux and his tucked hair bun from the Golden Globes – it actually started a trend for men with longer hair – so guys, it’s fine to rock an up-do these days! It’s more rock’n’roll than feminine. He even pulls of that trendy ombre look. Maybe that’s not for everyone but the thing is that with enough confidence, anything can look stylish.


Not only his red carpet looks make him a contender role-model for the modern man, but his daily attires are quite inspiring as well. For a clean casual look, you’ll usually spot him in black pants and matching blazer with his favourite Louboutin shoes, a colourful scarf and aviator sunglasses. The occasional leather jacket, chequered shirt and fedora complete his wardrobe.

Beyond the clothes he’s wearing, the modern man isn’t afraid of fashion experiments and dipping his toes in the tabu field of women’s fashion. Even when Jared wears skirts, it’s his confidence that saves him from being ridiculed – making him a rock star instead – and pushed him towards shaping his own personal style. And that’s what any modern man wants – to look like he belongs in a fashion magazine but still set himself apart from the rest. Jared Leto does that every day.

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