Top Swiss Watch Brands

Breitling golden watch

More than half of the world’s watches are produced in Switzerland, so it is no wonder that the top brands in watches are Swiss. Designed as luxurious, precision instruments, Swiss watches are the finest in timepiece engineering. Owning a Swiss watch means more than just having a time piece. Swiss watches are investments that can become even more valuable over time. They are strong, well built pieces that will last and last. A Swiss watch from a top brand watch can be handed down from generation to generation and still look as captivating as it did the day it was purchased.

One of the most well-known and popular watch brands in the world, Rolex has earned a reputation as being the best of the best. Rolex fashion designs have been worn by celebrities, royalty and historical figures since the brand’s creation. Year after year Rolex watches prove to be timekeeping masterpieces by taking home the majority of COSC certifications and holding their value with each passing year. Rolex watches have become more than an investment, they are status symbols and luxurious tools. The best watches in the world come from Switzerland, and the best Swiss watches come from Rolex.



The COSC that is Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute is the officially acknowledged testing agency for all Swiss manufacturers seeking recognition. Each watch, regardless of its brand, that passes testing is given a unique serial number by this institution that is engraved on the watches movement.

On average, only five percent of watches produced in Switzerland receive the prestigious chronometer certification on their movements. Over half of these certifications tend to be rewarded to Rolex, with about twenty-five percent being split up between Breitling and Omega.



What does the certification from the COSC mean? It means a watch is accurate and reliable. Swiss watches run using a complex collection of gears and springs that use precise movements that are designed with accuracy in mind. The hardships a watch goes through when being worn can affect its accuracy. Movements with the COSC certification are most likely to remain accurate despite regular wear.


One of the things that makes Swiss watches so popular is their weight. The top brands are heavy and feel like quality watches. Rolex, Omega, Zenith and Tag Heuer all produce watches that feel strong, because they are strong.

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