Top Trends in Men’s Winter Perfumes

When it comes to men’s fashion, choosing the right perfume is as essential as wearing the right shirt. As winter weather is upon us, trends in men’s perfume have turned towards strong, masculine scents that can not be forgotten, while lighter, fresh smells are still a popular choice for this festive time of year.

Whether you’re after a distinct smell or a blend of exceptional frequencies, you’ll find this season’s hottest perfumes choices for men at Dolce and Gabbana stores worldwide. Try Velvet Wood for a powerful combination of dark and sweet wooden blends or sample the sophisticated scent of The One: Gentleman. There are so many exquisite fragrances to choose from at Dolce and Gabbana, that you are sure to find an unforgettable perfume that makes a statement.

The One by D&G

If you’re looking for a new scent or searching for the perfect choice for a man you know, keep in mind some of  the top trends in men’s winter perfumes:


The distinct smell of leather provokes warm memories and feelings of comfort. These types of perfumes are made to be worn by men wanting to leave an impression of sophistication. Available in a variety of blends, including leather and suede varieties, these smells can be worn anytime, anywhere all winter long.

Gourmand scents

When smelling a perfume from the gourmand family of scents one word comes to mind: delicious. These types of perfumes are blended with rich, decadent odors such as chocolate, vanilla, coffee and berries. Designed to make the wearer smell good enough to eat, these fragrances are an excellent choice for cold winter nights.


Tobacco perfumes smell warm and sweet with a masculine flavor that mimics the scents of premium cigars or unlit tobacco pipes. These pleasant odors are an ideal choice for winter days and can be warm for any occasion.


The popular citrus scents give men a lighter, carefree smell that can be worn both at work and home. The sweet, inviting odors are popular for holiday outings and dinners, where the wearer may want a memorable scent that is still subtle. One of the best examples that features the citrus trend is Dior Homme Cologne created by Francois Demachy.

Dior Homme Cologne


Perfumes dominated by the smells of wood such as cedar, redwood and pine, are all about masculinity. Fragrances inspired by the picture of a hard-working man, surrounded by nature are more popular than ever this winter. Perfect for any occasion, these perfumes can be found in strong smelling and more subtle varieties.


Sents composed of citrus top notes with oakmoss musky basses, the cypress family of scents gives a man torn between the light sweetness of citrus and wooden musks the best of both worlds. These scents are so versatile that they have become more popular than ever this winter.


Think cumin, saffron, cardamom and other spices with middle-eastern legacies when picking out a spicy perfume this winter. These blends make an alluring fragrance that can be worn all winter long and even into the spring.

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